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Brandson Branding Agency – official representative and strategic partner of Total Identity Group


Brandson Branding Agency –
is the leading branding company in Russia

A full-service branding agency that provides integrated services on branding. Brandson is a representative of Total Identity Group and member of Association of Branding Companies of Russia. Brandson operates more than 14 years and its portfolio totals more than thousand completed projects in various business domains on the Russian market and abroad.


Total Identity Group – international network of consulting companies

The company exists for over 50 years and ranks among the top twenty best companies in the world that provide strategic and creative solutions for business. In 2013 Total Identity was named the best communications and advertising agency in the Netherlands. Total Identity has offices in Amsterdam, The Hague and Eindhoven and is represented in Antwerp, Berlin and Seoul.

Bob van der Lee Managing director
Total Identity
Hans P Brandt CEO
Total Identity Group


offer efficient solutions in brand-building and brand consulting.

How we do it

We provide integrated services in marketing research,
design and communications as well as
extensive education programs.

We execute

Joint implementation of sophisticated projects, varied in scope, geography and complexity, requiring conjoined international and local expertise of both united companies.

We train
and consult

Carrying out educational events for clients, acquainting them with the latest trends and techniques in marketing, branding, design and creativity.

We improve

Permanent intercooperation in order to increase the joint level of expertise through the experience and technology exchange.

Ww unite

Our collaboration is intended both for the internal partnership’s efficiency raise and improvement of professional relationships between East and West, amplification of the global constructive process.

Our services

Brandson use its own Brand Evolution technology to provide such services as:

Elena Yufereva

Brandson Branding Agency CEO

«Our clients have an increasing need for a unique and both innovative view on branding and marketing communications. Cooperation with a Western agency like Total Identity offers both an interesting western creative scope as well as an even more integral perspective. With their iconic (Dutch) design heritage and our local expertise of Russian and CIS markets we can offer our clients a strong branding solution for the current market situation.»

Bob van der Lee

Partner and Managing Director of Total Identity

«Total Identity has already developed some interesting Russian projects but there was no structural foundation. It is our experience that local agencies best match and of course understand the local culture. Our cooperation with Brandson is literally a bridge for us to connect knowledge, culture, creativity and business opportunities. It will increase the international scope for us and most important our customers and I hope we can contribute in building strong Russian brands.»


Brandson is a participant and winner of festivals, conferences, round tables


Brandson media group


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Total Identity

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