UniCredit Bank

Development of a creative concept for the federal advertising campaign.
Products of the bank are among the most advantageous at the market of consumer crediting: it offers the lowest interest rates and now completely cancels the loan fees.

Since UniCredit Bank is now an official partner of UEFA, which became an important and long-awaited event for all sports fans, it was decided to speak with a customer in the language of football using the images and words that are familiar to everyone.
Комиссии - на мыло! Кредиты наличными
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«The ref needs specs!», in this very way the fans expressed their dissatisfaction with the actions of an arbitrator asking to remove the referee because of refereeing which is incorrect in their opinion. «The commission fees should be cancelled!», using the language of football fans we say, «That’s it! We have „removed“ the loan fees because it is against the rules!»
This advertising campaign will, undoubtedly, attract the attention due to its emotionality and will also allow expanding the target audience at the expense of the fans of football, one of the most popular and favourite games in the country.

Project team:

Project managerAnna Kulysova

Art DirectorTimur Salikhov

CopywritingAleksey Rumyantsev

DesignVladimir Trusov, Vladimir Il’yashenko

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