FORTIS, residential complex

At the time of referral to Brandson agency, «TOR» construction holding started a project on construction of a multifunctional residential complex of «Business» and «Comfort+" class at the junction of Vyborgsky and Primorsky districts of St. Petersburg, where the main construction had already been virtually completed.


The task of the agency was to develop a brand for the residential complex that increases its attractiveness reflecting its key advantages and offering to the people a comfortable and a safe lifestyle.


Specialists of Brandson branding agency conducted extensive research of the market of residential property, as a result of which the key advantages of Fortis residential complex were identified: a large covered space, a developed internal infrastructure and modern construction technologies, but the main advantage was a multifunctionality of the complex: everything is combined here for both a comfortable life, and for doing business. This is saving of time, which is usually spent on getting to the kindergarten, shops and sports complexes.

ПPositioning of Fortis multifunctional residential complex is based on the following main dominants:

Status + Reliability + Modern technologies

These ideas formed the basis for the development of verbal and visual attributes of the brand as well as its promotion concept.

The name Fortis comes from the Latin word meaning «strong», «sound». The root «fort» in the modern Russian language has an independent meaning, «a large fortification». Semantics of the word is well suited for the sphere of construction: this is protection, durability, «safe rear areas». The name conveys the functionality of the object, its confident, «male» character. The brandline «Territory of the worthy ones» shows a closed character of the complex, its protection, emphasizes a high status of its inhabitants.


Logo, according to the assessments of the customer’s representatives is modern, technologically advanced, pointing to the innovation of engineering technologies used in construction.
Corporate style of the Fortis multifunctional residential complex is dominated by 3 bright colours which symbolize the suitability of the complex for the residence of different families: young people with children, older generation. Bright colours impart the activity and purposefulness to the brand image.

The main idea in the corporate style of the Fortis residential complex is Lego.

This concept expresses the multifunctional capabilities of the complex: the residents can brick by brick «construct» their ideal world for comfortable living:

  • To move into a ready house and immediately start repairs;
  • To express their wishes concerning landscaping of the area;
  • To send their children to a good preschool institution and later, to school (it is planned to build a school and a kindergarten in the territory of the Fortis residential complex at the expense of the city budget);
  • To spend free time in the park next to the complex.

Promotion prior to crisis

Advertising: For promoting the Fortis residential complex specialists of the agency developed a communication concept.


Advertising is meant for conveying to potential customers a unique offer of the company: the lowest prices for square metres during the promotional event.

This idea is conveyed by the slogan
«A real apartment at a toy price!».

In addition to printed and outdoor advertising, public transport running in the area of the complex was involved in promotion.
EXHIBITIONS: At the first exhibition stand the idea of coloured cubes was used. When the company participated in the exhibitions branded cars were used helping all those who wanted to look at the facility under construction to quickly get to the complex.


As part of an integrated promotion of Fortis brand, specialists of the agency prepared «TOR» construction company for participation in the exhibitions having developed not only the stand and advertising materials, but also different events.

The basis of the creative concept was the idea of a bright modern slashing life. All this was embodied at the stand and the atmosphere that we tried to create around it.

A stand for the property fair,
Every visitor received glasses through which those coming to the Fortis stand could assess a 3D-image of the complex, to look into the future. The stand was so bright that immediately attracted the attention of the visitors, and interesting competitions for future buyers only intensified the festive mood of the guests.
Find ten differences


Specialists of the agency developed a website dedicated to Fortis residential complex and full of factual information. Under the promotion programme a series of Internet banners was also developed for placement on thematic portals.

The slogan created for the complex «Live in a business class way!» supports the idea of brightness and selectness correlating with the brandline of the complex «The territory of the worthy ones «. The slogan was placed in advertising modules, information materials as well as on the stand proper.

Advertisement: For the last stage of promotion a concept of outdoor advertising was created that informs about commissioning of the facility. The slogan of the concept is «Get accustomed to it!». This message was placed on the billboards close to the complex and at the nearby ski resorts.

Results of work

  1. High recognisability of the brand
  2. Increased attention of the exhibition visitors to the stands of the company
  3. Bursts of sales during the exhibition and promotional events
  4. Stable sales of apartments

Project team:

Project managerViktoria Gorobets

Art DirectorDaniil Ostrovskikh, Timur Salikhov

Analytics and strategyElena Yufereva, Viktoria Tikhomirova

CopywritingViktoria Tikhomirova, Aleksey Rumyantsev

DesignSergey Bortnikov, Vladimir Il’yashenko, Vladimir Trusov, Roman Mavrin, Denis Razumov

ProgrammingAndrey Bublikov

ProductionNadezhda Mikhel

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