Benita, property in Italy

Benita Company specializes in selling property in the Italian province of Calabria and on Costa Brava in Spain.

Main feature of Benita agency is resolving all matters related to buying a home abroad: organization of a study tour to the facility with a Russian speaking guide, assistance in opening a foreign bank account, taking care of the house in the absence of the owner, helping with repairs, furniture and landscaping.

Specialists of Brandson branding agency had to learn the internal and external environment of the company and to embody its uniqueness in an image clear and understandable to the consumer - to create a brand reflecting the mission of the company, its development strategy, to develop an appropriate visual component of this brand. It was also necessary to transfer the brand into the Internet creating a bright and user friendly website of the European level


Originally, Benita managers were not planning to carry out any research relying solely on their vision of the situation. However, in the process of interaction with the agency a limitation of such approach and insufficiency of the available information for taking a really grounded decision soon became obvious. It was, therefore, decided to conduct an express study of two traditional areas: the analysis of internal and external environment of the product. The most important part of the research was making a portrait of a consumer by which one had to be guided in future developments.

Analysis of competitors showed that in most cases their positioning was standard and had a pronounced orientation to the Russian consumer, whereas the target audience of Benita are persons of a pro-western type preferring the European style of life and surrounding themselves with world-class brands. The criteria were identified by which the consumer determined the «level» of the company with which he interacts, and further work was based on the data received

Initial focus of the company on providing a full range of services at all stages of purchasing gave to the customer a unique advantage: buying a house abroad became really EASY. There is no need of racking one’s brains with legal matters, suffer from «translation difficulties» and problems with organization of household issues after purchasing a house, since Benita solves all these and many other arising problems. Thus, the first point which was emphasized in the course of positioning was the ease of purchasing.

The second element of the positioning concept is offering not just a «house abroad», but the European lifestyle, opportunities for work, education, recreation, which life in Europe gives.



It is easy to live by the sea

It is easy

— Benita gives a reliable support in solving any problem;

To live

— life in Europe, not just periodical trips abroad;

By the sea

— the main advantage of the regions in which Benita sells property is emphasized - proximity of a warm sea leading to the associations with the sun, relaxation and tranquillity.



Corporate colours of Benita

— - green and red are associated with the Italian flag, and a smooth grading of one colour into another symbolizes a soft approach to the customer and loyal conditions of the offer. The final white colour is a symbol of simplicity, universalism, ease, visually imparts freshness to the style.
Logo of Benita is a row of stylized houses arranged in the shape of a crown making the sign serious and stable. The specific feature of the logo font is spelling of the name «Benita», the presence of a «harmful» letter «a» adding a distinctive flavour to the company which is characteristic of the southern temperament. The descriptor «Real Estate in Italy» reflects the main field of the company’s activity, but can be changed with expansion of the geography of Benita operations.


Project team:

Project managerEvgenia Gura

DesignDaniil Ostrovskikh

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