KINO beauty salon was opened in the heart of St. Petersburg near Smolny Palace; this is the only place in the centre of business life, where a busy person can think about himself and relax. Creators of the salon addressed Brandson branding agency where they were offered a comprehensive programme on brand development and promotion.

There are many beauty salons in St. Petersburg, but most of them are standard and «without a soul». Developing the platform and legend of the brand, specialists of Brandson agency tried to create a place with its own history, so that a person coming  to the salon would be immersed into a specific atmosphere recalling pleasant events of his life; hence, a simple and clear name KINO. When in the beauty industry people are working with stylistics of the cinema they often use the images of popular actors. We did not do it deliberately shifting the emphasis to the visitor; a person himself becomes a «star».



Coming to the salon you find yourself in a space where all the attention is paid to you! Imagine that you are soon to go on the stage. Outside are the floodlights, video cameras, the camera crew is ready, and everyone is waiting for the command «Action!» And here, in the «make-up room», it is quiet; you are in hands of experienced beauty professionals.



Audience of the salon are people slightly over thirty years. They remember quite well the days when going to the movies was a real treat: a heavy curtain, painted posters, and a sense of a miracle. It is these emotions that became the insight for the implementation of the concept. We have combined the atmosphere of the Soviet cinema and stylistics of the Hollywood movies, which were then not always accessible.



KINO is a business class beauty salon following in its work the principle of «affordable luxury for everyone», offering a decent service and care products which movie and music stars really prefer. This is a salon for the people accustomed to a certain level of service who value their time.


Visual attributes:

The idea of the sign is both a trace of a spotlight, and a powder box, one of the most important things in a woman's bag. The Inscription in the logo as if descended from the old cinema poster decorated by hand. We have developed and manufactured a complete package of branded printing, where all the elements seem to be impregnated with a «retro» spirit. Colours, fonts, designs and photos - all this is in the style of refinement.


To attract the attention of potential customers to the KINO salon, specialists of the agency abandoned standard methods of advertising. We developed a loyalty programme, a number of activities to promote the salon, conducted direct marketing as well as a cross-promotion action, in which partners of the agency participated: a network of clothes boutiques, restaurants, a network of flower shops and decoration, a coffee house. Motility of the events is such that there is a constant exchange and replenishment of the customer base of KINO salon, and the clients receive nice gifts and bonuses from the partners of the programme.


KINO website supports the style of the salon and describes not only the services and promotions, but also the atmosphere of the salon.



Project team:

Project managerEkaterina Korsunova

CopywritingAleksey Rumyantsev

Art DirectorTimur Salikhov

DesignVladimir Trusov

Web-designRoman Mavrin

ProgrammingAndrey Bublikov

ProductionNadezhda Mikhel

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