Specialists of Brandson branding agency conducted a comprehensive work on creating a new image of the company offering brokerage services: formed its positioning as well as developed verbal and visual attributes of the brand.


A distinctive and very important feature of the broker as an intermediary between the consumer and the service provider is that the broker has no interest in promoting the products of a certain insurance / leasing / or any other company. He selects the product corresponding to the client’s tasks taking into account its advantages and disadvantages; the broker is constantly analyzing the market, professionally assesses the situation with regard to the interests of the client, and determines the products of what company most completely meet his requests.



Answell is a consulting company providing professional services on the conclusion and support of transactions in the sphere of insurance, leasing, credit and legal services on a «one-stop shop» principle that offers individual service and personally consulting to the clients on a whole range of issues in the  financial sector.



The name Answell is a neologism formed from the English words «answer» and «well». Thus, the name reflects the company's core competence, i.e. finding the right solutions in the field of finance. Descriptor of the company «multibroker» enables the company to grow and expand opening new trends of activity. The brandline «trustee» reflects the main competitive advantage of the company showing that the company «is playing» on the client’s side representing his financial interests. The client will benefit trusting the experts of the company.



The basis of the sign is a monogram formed by letters A, N and W similar to a coin as a reflection of the idea of ​​effective financial investments.



Corporate style of Answell, quiet and laconic, supports the image of the company which is a professional in its field who can be trusted with taking an important decision.


Project team:

Project managersEkaterina Korsunova, Elena Arkadieva

AssistantAnna Slobodskova

CopywritingAleksey Rumyantsev

Art DirectorTimur Salikhov

DesignRoman Mavrin, Vladimir Il’yashenko, Vladimir Trusov

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