CASE, human resources consulting

CASE is a consulting company helping the largest Russian and foreign companies to manage human resources. As a result of the work of CASE company the client receives a finished programme of strategic moves and decisions in the field of HR. The company has offices in Moscow, Rostov-on-the Don, Perm, and Novosibirsk.
Крупный кадровый холдинг развивает новое направление. После анализа рынка было принято решение о создании независимой организации, с ключевой компетенцией в области кадрового консалтинга.

Задачей брендингового агентства Brandson стала разработка бренда новой консалтинговой компании. Консалтинг в области управления персоналом — консультационные услуги, оказываемые руководителям и специалистам организаций по вопросам работы с кадрами.

Представительства компании находятся в Москве (центральный офис), Ростове-на-Дону, Перми, Новосибирске. Клиенты — частные национальные и международные компании, государственные корпорации и некоммерческие организации.


During the analytical stage Brandson team conducted a survey of the market of consulting services in Russia focusing on human resources consulting. The investigation included expert interviews with ideologists of the brand and external experts (analysts, area managers in major Russian and international companies), analysis of statistical data, competitive and comparative analysis. In the course of research work the target audience was identified and the portrait and consumption motives of each group were formed, its core was distinguished. Analysis of supply and demand structure allowed forming a single package of services and describing the key competence of the company. Information received in the course of the investigation formed the basis for developing the CASE brand concept and brand platform as well as verbal and visual brand attributes.

Verbal attributes

The name CASE has a whole range of meanings: this is a literal translation «case», «occurrence» and the concept «business case» — a difficult situation at the enterprise which requires a non-standard solution, and the chain of creating values by a HR-consultant:

Brandline is the quintessence of brand positioning and translates its basic attributes. In accordance with the strategic plans of the company brandline is formulated in two languages, English and Russian, and aims both at explaining the essence of the name, and rooting the key competence of the company in the minds of potential consumers.

Logo consists of two elements; their contrast symbolizes an individual approach and precise solutions. A double-edged arrow shows the association of the organization with the personnel, movement in the planned direction and understanding of current trends in business and communications. Laconic corporate style emphasizes business orientation of CASE, and bright colours reflect the friendliness of the company.


Brand descriptor — HR solutions — reflects the sphere of the company’s activity and shows that for every problem its own solution will be found.

The main task of visual brand identification is to make possible an instantaneous and faultless reading of brand messages in all possible communication channels.

Visual attributes

Laconic corporate style emphasizes business orientation of CASE, and bright colours reflect the friendliness of the company.



So that the specialists and clients of the company could timely get immediate answers to the questions concerning human resources and effectively communicate with each other, a website containing a lot of useful information for HR-specialists was created. To illustrate the values of CASE, trendy images were presented on the website describing common problems faced by a HR specialist and ways of solving them are indicated.



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Project team:

Project managerAnna Kulysova

Analytics and strategyEvgenia Gura, Elena Yufereva

Art DirectorTimur Salikhov

CopywritingViktoria Tikhomirova, Aleksey Rumyantsev

DesignRoman Mavrin, Timur Salikhov, Vladimir Trusov

ProgrammingAndrey Bublikov

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