The company Tribuna — it is a manufacturer of underwear in segment of «big rotundities». The main office and manufacturing facilities of the company are situated in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region. Manufacturer has been working using this brand since 1933 year, however at the beginning of 2000 the manufacturing facilities have been renovated, new foreign equipment was bought, the company started working with foreign materials.
At the moment when the company appealed to agency in 2014 year the brand had bad recognizability and undesirable association with the soviet past.
At the same time the company continues to be one from few of russian underwear  manufactures that is able to compete with belorussian brand "Milavitsa" and baltic  trademarks.
It was required for us to create the main absence element of the trademark - the platform of the brand that is essential for building long-term systematic communication of trademark with consumer.
Leaving the existing name of trademark that has quiet high level of recognizability, we have been creating for brand new character, new style and new legend in fact.
At the first stage of investigation already conducting deep internal and external expert interviews we were able to find out that the manufacturer himself knows his final consumers badly but has a high loalty of partners. What about buyers, as it was suggested, just a little part of them "read" positioning of brand connected with "big rotundities" and associated it with the "soviet quality".
Herewith according to the evaluation of all asked experts the demand in this sector remains unsatisfied and with proper price policy and powerful brand there is a possibility to strengthen its positions.
To reveal true insights that determine motives of customer choise we conducted quality and quantitative investigations and also organized retail audit and brand audit using special author technology. Results of this work made up a basis of new brand positioning end updated a firm style.
During the complex of investigation works we were able to find out that the basis of choice of underwear in this segment consists of functional properties of product: quality, comfort and reasonable price. Exactly these factors form loalty to brand, affecting on satisfaction of emotional needs positively and affecting on the feeling of confidence and as consequence - attractiveness. "If I like myself I am liked by others" - this is the main idea of updated brand that will be translated in all advertising communications.
«In order to be liked by others it is necessary for woman to concentrate on the inner state. The beautiful person is a person who is in harmony with himself and with his inner man.

The significant degree of influence on emotional state is caused by our clothes especially by our underwear because it contacts our body directly and it supposes direct influence on our sense of self.

The mission of the brand - to gift to woman a sense of harmony with herself through the underwear that she wears every day. This mission is explicated through the metaphor of "faithful ally" that is able to give to woman maximally comfortable sense of self.
Trademark is presented as a "faithful ally" of a woman that gives to her the best solvation of her problem based on knowledgment and satisfaction of need connected with the usability of underwear.

It is presented as the "second skin" that provides the contact without any discomfort and with the
satisfaction from the choise ( the process of the choise for our target audience is not a simplepoint at all) makes our trademark more attractive emotionally.
We formed the platform of the brand based on the principe of subtle and deep understanding of customers` requests from our target audience in regard to underwear.
Conversation of brand name that has a long history and is perceived positively by definite part of target audience was a compulsory condition of rebrending. To go away from the soviet background we decided to desemantise the name refusing completely from references to the meaning of word "tribuna". ».
We were able to achieve this goal at the expense of polysemantic brandline " What touches me" that reflects as emotional aspects of positioining "the beauty throgh the sense of self" and direct connection with functional filling of the brand (manufacturer of underwear).
The updated positioning of the brand was incarnated in elegant firm style. The basis of the sign is a laconic form of bust that is supported by soft and roundish typography and gentle womanly color spectrum.
Firm style
Firm style is performed in light pink, flesh pastel tones. The idea of a silk ribbon is in the basis and the pattern is lacy flower ornament in the form of rose that is specially developed by illustrator.
Interior and   exterior
Elegant and discreet photostyle underlines an introverted character of the brand that is combined with expression barely showed in identity (the symbol of it is a ribbon). The interior harmony as a source of the beauty - it is the key idea of all visual atributes of the brand.
As a part of the rebrending we developed templates of the website of company created them in new firm style and refined the functional filling for more complete conformity to new style of communication between brand and customer.

Project team:

Project LeaderCatherine Korsunova

Project ManagersOlga Kiseleva, Ilona Kekla

Brand StrategistGregory Khrabrov

MarketingAlexander Bogdanov

Creative directorAndrew Mordovtsev

CopywriterRodion Vodeyko

Art DirectorKonstantin Ishmukhamedov

Graphic designersNatalia Skrobotova Vladimir Ilyashenko, Sergey Ivanov

Tech DesignSergey Ivanov

Web designIlya Lazarev

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