In 2012 Bank experienced rebranding with a help of Brandson Branding Agency, won a premium "The bank of year" with its new image and became the laurete of National bank premium in nomination "For introduction of new technologies".

Rebranding works for Bank "Saint-Petersburg" started in May 2011 year. Adoption of new strategy in accordance with that Bank, that is acknowledged leader in corporate clients servicing, placed his best for retail segment development initiated brand renovation for Bank "Saint-Petersburg".

Reasearches conducted by Brandson agency included analyzing results of qualitative and quantitative investigations of TA, deep interview with market experts and company ideologists, complex brand- and HR-audit. Results of serious analytic work showed that recognizability of Bank is quite high but customers don`t realise service advantages Bank "Saint-Petersburg" can offer. That`s why the decision to leave existing sign just having communication manners changed was taken. In accordance with overarching objective - to become the most potentional bank of the North capital and to strengthen positions in sphere of individual servicing - new positioning was developed.

A vacant niche of service market leader and image-building connection between bank and cultural heritage constituted a basis for new positioning. The new image became more democratic, clear and open.

Brandson specialists corrected brand platform and brand values and developed new corporate identity. Insight for developments was presented by cultural city context and its inimitable atmosphere.

New corporate identity of Bank "Saint-Petersburg" became more dynamic and light - "heavy" red colour gave place to bright, easy colours and new graphic elements.

The basic colours of corporate identity - gammas of light-blue, turquoise and red colours with implementation of one bank logo` part - circle that add unique character to image and widens colour spectrum. Every colour of offered gamma reflects one or another image of Saint-Petersburg. Light-blue colours underline the image northern capitalcity and its citizens. Esthetics of turquoise colour tells about slight tinge of aristocraticism. Red colour of new identity is a symbol of stability,quality and reliability - as of bank and of city in whole.

Старый логотип

Новый логотип
Logo became to look more modern: a sign became volumetric and readable and writing of a name became more recognizable due to introduction of laconic script.
Substantial changes concerned service policy of bank: new service standarts and corporate values were developed. New positioning - "Bank of high culture" was formulated keeping with this changes. This message combined image of cultural capital of Russia and high service quality that raises up Bank "Saint-Petersburg" to the leader level among other bank market players. This idea is basic for building futher communication with customer.
Poligraphic production, visiting cards, card-boards, enevelopes and brochures comprising elements of new corporate identity became necessary attributes of corporate culture.
Printed production, souvenirs and accessories were also designed in new corporate identity.
Unique design of bank cards for Bank "Saint-Petersburg" was developed. It is the most representative with offered conception and reflects advantages of cultural bank service.
Staff members got new designed detailed uniform.

External communication with customer became the next stage for rebranding and methods for this were developed by our agency`s forces. Bank appeared in renovated image as in Internet and beyond the pale of virtual life: new image-building and product advertising campaign.
The first campaign announcing about coming changes in Bank "Saint-Petersburg" image was conducted on the threshold of new year holidays of 2012 year.
Then full-scale image-building campaign was conducted. It had the main goal to tell customers about new bank image and its functional advantages - high quality service, wide produt range, closeness to clients.
«"As the result of this work we were able to make necessary decisions connected with Bank brand repositioning and development of its new visual image. Customer policy was completely overviewed, the core of target audience was extended and it is already allows nowdays to achieve desired goals and to become a service leader in bank sphere in a short time. All in all we do everything for being closer to our client."».

Deputy Chairman of the Financial Planning and Strategic Development Bank

Brandson specialists had a task not only to renew image of famous bank but to convey a new idea to staff that will be on plate to implement changes into life too. Modern brand book was designed for achievment this goal. It described brightly advantages of Bank "Saint-Peresburg" and detailed instrumentarium for working with new corporate identity.
During the brand modernization process internal researches were conducted, staff members` attitude toward brand was identifying, new corporate values and "Quality Сodices of bank" were developed.
Brandson specialists and bank HR-subdivision together executed brand implementation works. This process included conduction of presentations and trainings and according to their results every staff member not just got acquainted with new bank image but also accepted and liked it.

Photo wallpapers for desktop
Brandson specialists paid much attention to visual side of internal communications: stylish accessories and stylized souvenir gifts were designed, corporate design for deskptop wallpapers and cognitive flash-play were offered.
Закладка для книги Gift box for child chess stylized according to new bank image
appeared at the New year eve.
«"We met the challenges successfully: new image of Bank "Saint-Petersburg" succeed as open and sympathetic. I hope that Saint-Petersburg citizens will see the true value of renovated bank"

Chief Executive Officer
Elena Yufereva

Project team:

Project leaderEkaterina Korsunova

Analytics and strategyEkaterina Korsunova, Pavel Koval, Elena Yufereva

Project managmentAnna Slobodkova, Anna Kusilova

Art DirectorTimur Salikhov

DesignNikita Fedorov, Julia Grebeshkova, Vladimir Tarasov, Vladimir Ilyashenko, Denis Razumov, Vadim Melnikov

ProgrammingAndrey Bublikov

CopywritingIlya Bakulev Alexander Podoplekin Alexei Rumyantsev

Digital-designVladimir Ilyashenko

ProductionNadejda Michel, Alena Makhalova

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