Camertone, centre of beauty and harmony

What is the secret of beauty? The answer is simple: in harmony — a combination of physical health and peace of mind. When our body and mind are in balance, we feel our perfection. The centre of beauty and harmony «Camertone» will help maintaining this balance; its image is developed by the specialists of Brandson branding agency.


Market of salon and spa services in St. Petersburg, at first glance, looks well formed, but as a result of the investigations conducted by the experts of Brandson a vacant niche was still found for the positioning of the future «Camertone»; by combining into a single whole a medical and a spa centre a place was created where the visitors will be offered a full range of services on maintaining and preservation of both external and internal beauty. The investigation demonstrated the necessity of forming customer loyalty to the institution in general, which means that the level of all specialists of the centre should be equally high. Together with ideologists of the project a list of services was drawn up including rare and exclusive services even for St. Petersburg.


Camertone is a device determining the reference tone pitch and required for fine-tuning of musical instruments, thus, ensuring a harmonious sounding of a musical band. We can draw an analogy with physical and mental health of a person: our organism is an «orchestra» consisting of many instruments for reaching the internal and external harmony of which a certain auxiliary tool is needed that helps to «fine tune» all the organs to one tune. Coming to the health and beauty centre «Camertone» a guest has a possibility of bringing to order his thoughts and physical condition, which will result in well-being, great mood and appearance.

«Beauty and harmony» is the main goal for achieving which the specialists of the centre are working, and what they reveal in people.

Every word of the descriptor «Beauty and harmony» is of great importance for understanding the brand image. The basis of the whole structure determining brand positioning is the word «centre» which reflects a place held by «Camertone» among the competitors. At the centre, unlike a salon, a lab or a studio, all the latest technologies and unique methods of taking care of human health are concentrated. Furthermore, the «central position» emphasizes the geographic location of «Camertone» in the central part of the city.

Нота совершенства

«Perfection note» brandline is a phrase that accompanies the name of the brand. One of the meanings of the word «camertone» is a normal tone pitch, for which A note is taken in music. In the context of our brand, the sound of camertone can be interpreted as a certain auxiliary reference helping everyone to achieve perfection, and the perfection speaks the language of music. The name, descriptor and brandline reflect the association of the industry of beauty with art. Everyday work of specialists of the centre is a mystery of creative action from which harmony is born.

Специалистами Brandson specialists have developed a variety of printing materials supporting a common style of «Camertone»: business cards, business documents, invitations, menus, packages and an image booklet.

Pictures of the centre Interiors were specially taken for the booklet with participation of the experts and guest models which allowed most accurately conveying the atmosphere of the institution.

At the «Camertone» centre, a special space was created where every detail is thought-out and perfect. Brilliant authors’ works of specialists of the Imperial Porcelain Factory were used in decoration of the interior, luxurious Italian textile makes the procedures even more refined. Visitors are everywhere accompanied by the subtlest aromas designed by the venerable French perfumers specially for the centre. Stylish chandeliers and masterfully performed forging add refinement to the entire interior.


Website made in the general style of the centre became the finishing touch to the image of «Camertone».

Exterior design

Advertising campaign

For attracting visitors to the open «Camertone» an advertising campaign was held showing that every woman coming to the centre will acquire perfect body lines or will, at least, create all the prerequisites for this. A special photo session with charming models was organized for the campaign.

Project team:

Project managerEkaterina Korsunova

Analytics and strategyElena Yufereva, Anna Slobodskova

Art DirectorTimur Salikhov

CopywritingViktoria Tikhomirova, Aleksey Rumyantsev

DesignSergey Bortnikov, Vladimir Trusov, Vladimir Il’yashenko, Roman Mavrin

ProgrammingAndrey Bublikov

ProductionNadezhda Mikhel, Svetlana Veselova

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