BLANKT, industrial cleaning

Blankt is one of the leading players on the market of industrial cleaning and it is the only one completely independent russian cleaning company such-like.

Professionals of Blankt help industrial organizations everyday to struggle with pollutions of any power including waste products of all danger level. Speaking about the range of activity, Blankt is able to provide the full range of works connected with cleaning of inner and external industrial territories of square till 25 mln m!

Marketing research

As the part of our research we analyzed the russian market of industrial cleaning: its structure, advantageous and negative tendencies, principles of price determination and special aspects of demand.

There is such situation on the market that companies offering industrial cleaning services do tidying up the business-centres and offices as well. We offered employer to focus on industrial objects only and develop technical basis in that process.

Speaking about the future company`s image there is understanding of this fact that even the major players on this market offer their services and technologies forgetting about simple things - that they work with people who have big responsibilities for their workshops and production lines.


This insight showed us the only right way for moving: an excellent cleaning company - is an honest, understandable and humane approach to work, providing necessary result. Who is eventually is interested in process when everything is done perfectly!

"We operate in a specific niche where the price of mistake is very high. That is why we offer only thorougly tested products and services. It is very pleasant to work honestly and open, realizing that we can render any services for our clients in area of industrial cleaning.

Trubkin Andrey
Chief Executive Officer


Клининговая компания создает порядок с помощью сложных технических устройств. А что такое
порядок и чистота как не яркая, сияющая на солнце поверхность! Яркая эмоция и надежностьCleaning company creates order with complex technique equipment. And what are order and cleanness if not bright and shining in the sun surface! Bright emotion and reliability of technologies combined in new company`s name - BLANKT. A word "blank" in german means - shining and flashing and punctual "t" - clipped word "technology"


Брендлайн под стать названию:

чистая работа

Corporate identity

Grateful and shining! - the way clients of Blankt can be described. These words can be used for describing the corporate identity. Having the bright-yellow logo on white background intentionally we got an ideal image of cleanness, freshness and newness.



However, serious everyday work is behind this pozitive and potentional client can learn about specialities and possibilities of Blankt from volumetric and substantial booklet. Except for beautiful photos a booklet includes the majority of numbers and complex words clear for engineers of factories.

Web site

For those who have already got acquainted with booklet we developed bright web-site that informates not only about cleanness and technologies supporting it but about company itself. Anyway keeping the factory on order - is achievement of people but not machines.

Project team:

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