Over the 10 years of DBK gained a reputation of hulking financial unit. This image didn`t match the main strategic initiatives of Bank - economic development of Kazakhstan, attraction of foreign investors and sponsorship of more large-scale projects. The DBK direction made a solution to change its substantially as the internal and external Bank policies to increast the effectiveness in achieving of new goals and tasks.

Experienced specialists from Branding Brandson agency conducted complex of rebranding works for Development Bank of Kazakhstan.

Image building of new innovator opening new horizonts for national development became the main task for rebranding.

The works started with expert interviews with top-managers DBK and potentional lendees. Interviews showed that complexity and entanglement of procedures necessary for getting borrowing are frightening for lendees. We analyzed factors of competition appearance on investment market and selected the main criterions for choise of bank. Market audit proved complexity of DBK competition with second level banks because of objective factors of market environment.

Specialists from Brandson made a conclusion that DBK has not yet fulfiled its potential to attract interesting key projects in the economy. DBK main advantages: access to resources, recognizability and governmental support.

2 positioning strategies were offered. The first one involved opposition with second level banks and the second one was connected with uderlining status of DBK as governmental bank of first level playing its own role in development of state economy.

Creating bank supporting state economic development through effective partnership with lendees and so-investors.

New positioning was reflacted in the picture of unique brandline - "Course to prosperity" that supports the brand idea - icebreaker of financial market that opens the way for new ambitious projects.
While we were formulating the brand essence we thought how to communicate in one message interests and needs of all target groups, to find a point of intersection that could be understandable and acceptable for mainstream people. And we found this point: DBK - is an icebreaker of financial market and flagman of economic development of Kazakhstan. Project Director Ekaterina Korsunova

We made a decision to avoid bright visual styles of second level banks and move to conservation of continuity and presentation of past years achievements. In order to underline in logotype orientation on state interests we leaved classic colours of Bank - gold and silver. New logotype of bank - quadricolor graphic sign that reflects several basic ideas forming DBK image as flagman of financial market.

The basis of a sign - icebreaker`s rostrum. DBK is like a icebreaker that paves the way frontwards to open the possibilities for growth and development for business organizations of Kazakhstan.

Pyramid - the most stable geometric figure symbolizing creation, stability, reliability and durability DBK projects.

Big and hard work of Bank specialists that is not always can be seen by public is behind every realized project. That`s why a new sign resembles an iceberg, part of it is usually invisible and covered by water.

Corporate pattern DBK became one of the basic elements of identity. Due to it identity is modern and dynamic underlining such Bank`s characteristics as leadership, innovation, openness and statusness.
Rebranding became a sign of global reloading, a logic result of all changes and new strategic tasks. non-executive director, member of board of directors DBK Ullf Vokurka

Detailed user guide for using of corporate identity was described in brandbook designed by Brandson agency Corporate booklet of DBK telling about Bank activity through
the prism of renovated brand was also designed.

As the part of DBK rebranding works corporate souvenirs were designed
One of the souvenirs - corporate calendar intended as for internal auditory and for external auditories. A calendar with name "12 principles" tells about guidelines of DBK for achievment its goals - increasing of investment climate in country and financial prosperity of nature.

We should to give proper respect to Brandson - a team of professionals who come up to every project thoroughly and enthusiastically Department of external DBK communications Director Kayrat Kaliev Кайрат Калиев

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