St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise "City Administration of inventory and real estate valuation" was founded in 1995 by the Government of St. Petersburg and currently operates under the brand "GUION." Committee on City Property Management of St. Petersburg Government coordinate and control of the enterprise by the Committee on City Property Management of St. Petersburg Government.
GUION provides a range of services: the cadastral works, technical accounting and inventory, valuation of property and equipment and intangible assets, design, land management and consulting. GUION has an archeive that contains data on all real property of St. Petersburg since 1927.

The company has a network consisting of design and Inventory Office (GIO), located in all areas of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

In 2014 GUION planned active internal restructuring, trying to resolve the loss of their market share.
As a traditional leader and expert of the market that should form the industry standards in case of an increasingly competitive situation after the abolition of the monopoly GUION faced a number of difficulties. The transition status of organisation was a weaking point of as GUION never operated as a commercial organization on a  free market, beign a of government origin at the same time. Scattered brand communication created an impression of a bureaucratic machine that needs to be changed, which will allow to overcome its monotony and clumsiness.



The Brandson Branding Agency was given the task - to carry out a complex marketing research that would help to identify key barriers and motives of clients (individuals and organizations) and their key requirements. The results of the audit were used to develop relevant positioning and brand image, which suited different groups of target audience and helped to translate the idea of ​​friendliness, professionalism, transparency and comprehensibility of the institution. This image should show itself as a brand in communications (including an updated corporate identity), and in the organization of all internal processes and procedures, will give a positive interaction with the organization.

Brand Audit

Unlike usual B2B project the research structure consisted of not only expert & in-depth interviews but a quantitive survey combined with various focus-groups that helped to identitfy the sensitivities of TA and expectations of the brand.

We started with traditional desk-research on the author's technology:

- analysis of the existing characteristics of the company, the position of the company, the vision of the project.
- analysis of market competitors, target audience to assess the situation and to identify key trends, trends and threats.
- Conducted expert interviews with the people in charge of ideology of the project.

In-Depth Marketing Research

During the Brand Audit we decided to expand the research part in order to understand which business model will prove to be most efficient in communication with both B2B and B2C clients in order to return lost market share. We carried out an additional corporatre research to test the corporate loyalty on both internal and external levels.

We used special in-depth interview technologies combining it with mystery shopping technics to gain information from employees and representatives of GUION clients
In addition the conducted research helped us to identitfy factors that influence the level of satisfaction of provided services and form an brand image of GUION B2C departments - PIBs.

Positioning hypothesis formation & varification

The collected data helped us to form several hypothesis of positionjing, thaty were tested on both qualitive and quantitive surveys. The focus groups with B2C TA who worked with GUION and their competitors.
The next stage - quantative survey of mnore than 500 PIB visitors to find out the contemporary level of service and form an ideal image of organisation in future. The following information helped us to find the core identity of GUION and whta should be used to form the core of new future business model. 

The final stage of the research was internal corporate tesing of GUION departments to understand whether the system correspond the basic creteria of customer experctations



The condusted researched helped us to find the niche on market. The company that has a wide range of services and avaliable to help both ordinary people and big companies forstalling their demands helping them to optimise their time. 

That is whay we sugeested GUION a positioning as fullservice organisation with commercial orientation and governament capabilitiesand status to provide the higherst service and quality and form standarts for the market and the whole branch.

Being a general brand expert GUION form standarts for the market and become client oriented simultaniosly. This is no-buerocratic governmant department but single all-in-one operator, that helps to find the simpliest solution for every task interms of real estate operations based on expanded branch networtk combined with high expertise and unique experience

GUION is a personal manager that knows everything about his client and is always one step ahead, being a sort of stalker in the owrk of real estate. With help of GUION you can buy, sell, rent most types of realty with no worries about juridical side.

Verbal Atributes


Cadastral Works, Evaluation. Land-development
GUION brand descriptor was developed in order do reveal the field of companies business.
For PIB subbrand discriptor we used the territorial basement of every single unit



Ahead of demand. Responsible for the result.The core idea for brandline undercoveres a responsible exacutive that pays his attention to both documents and the consumer behind them.

GUION identifies itself as a single service operator that is capable of changing the whole perception of the market in a right direction to clarity and openess.

Visual atributes


The maingraphic element of GUION is a landmark, which is the one of the most recognisable symbol used in cadastral works that is used to identify the borders of land section or any realty object.

In particular cases every first letter in a word combined with landmark symbol can become graphic constanta.


Corporate Identity

Corporate identity develops from the idea that the organisation operates transparently for the consumer and clear navigation for clients. The key interior solution elements transmit the idea of transparency if operations to client. The laconic pallete that have blue and grey colours adds a a fell of stability and seriousness to brand character

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