We often wish to wrest out of our routine. Contacting with usual things we secretly hope to see a bit more — upernatural. In fact in this case we can rend stereotypes and to increase our posibilities.

This is a possibility to see an advertising campaign for  new exhibition and convention centre "Expoforum" in Saint-Petersburg. This platform will become a point of attraction for city people and will change completely a vision of the modern exhibition area`s format. Expoforum — is a place where the stereotypes are being broken for all in all. That`s why the suprematist figure - "super E" became a logo of it. Exactly this unusual sign forms the basis of all new brand`s communications. 

Expoforum multiplies usual things expanding the boundaries of  usual exhibition centre`s perception — which includes location (a new city boundary) and the extent as well (there was not a such global event in Saint-Petersburg before). There are more exhibition stands, more technologies, more possibilities to announce oneself or to spend time.

As the part of the project we developed for new centre the brand strategy where we represented stages of brand output and the main avenues of communication with detalized budget. The presented advertising campaign — is the first flight as a part of whole annual strategy. The main task for the first seria of bilboards — is provision of information about new project and showing up of its conception.

Project team:

Директор проектаЕлена Аркадьева

Аналитика и стратегияГригорий Храбров, Александр Богданов

Арт-директорСтанислав Антонов

ДизайнЮлия Гребешкова, Игорь Денисов, Константин Ишмухамедов

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