EXO technology was developed by Yotto Technologies - double use products manufacturer that has long term relations with military industrial sector providing them with exoskeleton prototypes and tank simulator machines. In 2014 they entered international partnership with computer software game manufacturing company of austro-belgian origin. The new partnership brought to life the idea of creating new cocept of attraction rides and amusement parks based on novative technologies. Their partners are experts in amusment industry and owners of various amusment parks and big shopping centers.



Brandson Branding Agency faced the challange to create complex brand concept conducting research of potential target audience on both B2B and B2C levels. We also had to develop a comlex of brand atributes for product presentation on various international exhibitions.



Having gone deep into the amusement sphere we carried out number of contemporary market trends that helped us to build relevant positioning for a new brand. Kids & grown ups still play computer simulators to get rid off day to day problems and seek for some positive recharge. The world is constantly changing so does the speed of life and demand for renewed updated content is constantly rising. At the same time we see growing demand of new offline attractions which serve as bridges to overcome communicational problems inside this inline addicted community. 

That is why we see a growing popularity of quests and other games offline games that create an alternative reality in megapolisis. Anothert trand is reconception when familiar and traditional leasure attractions of physical experience domain gain new creative cover to strenghten the interest towards them. But most important is that the most sought after niche is intergrated amusment solutions which unites best features of virtual and real world in one product. The type of product tp fullfill a long demanded possibility to unite both kids and grown ups in one joint leisure time.



Most of the entertainment that are offered the residents of the metropolis today have little difference from those that existed 10 or 20 years ago. But we live in the XXI century - in the age of augmented reality and digital technology. So why fill your leisure time familiar and commonplace, when there are great ways to "break pattern" and give new impressions? EXO - is a special area of augmented reality, where each guest can experience the sensations that are not available in everyday life, and share them with family and friends.



EXO amusement rides where everything is out of standart. It is slice to life but better. More real than you think!

Thre logo is has individual pattern and is formulated by "X" letter and "+" symbol. The logo symbolizes unity, friendship and opennes and is thought to be an interactive puzzle multipling computer game excitement with physcial experience of offline attractions. The main product character metaphor of multple layers essence is clearly visible in the logotype.


Brand Archecture

EXO concept is supposed to have a broad line of products: various products based on EXO technology: ExoRide, ExoJet, ExoBox etc. ExoDrome - combination of the 2-4 amusement ride based on Exo technology – ExoJets ExoPark - full complex of various amusement rides (up to 15) based on Exo technology, united by one theme that can be easily changed by request.

The Sign is variative: The substrate can perform different design elements for various games.In addition to this, the sign varies depending upon what product it represents in reality.

A set of rules and standarts was developed in a form of a Logobook that ecluded Brand platform, Brand atributes description with brand identity standarts.

Identity elements

In tearms of single promotional strategy we developed stand for various exhibitions that would allow the new EXO brand to come in full force on international level on such events as IAAPA in Orlando and Russian amusement exhibition in Moscow. The visitors were able to test the ExoDrome (several ExoJets linked in one network) in a form of cyber-attraction competition which drew the crowd and had many positive reviews.



The B2B booklet was developed to give a clear presentation for potential foreign partners which has all the information about the advantages of new product and the franchise.

Project team:

Project LeaderElena Root (Arkadieva)

Analytics & StrategyAlexander Bogdanov

Copywriting & StrategyGregory Hrabrov

Creative DirectorKonstantine Ishmuhamedov

Design teamNatalia Skrobotova, Ivan Kush, Konstantive Ishmuhamedov

Project ManagerDaria Mihailova, Segey Komarov

Interior designJulia Alekseeva

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