In 2013, in cooperation with the agency Brandson Bank conducts research in order to create further development strategy. The analysis of the target audience, complex HR-audit, interviewing experts of the market and ideologues of the company.
Its results demonstrate the need for rebranding, which dealt with not only the bank's corporate identity but corrected vector of the entire system of internal and external communications.

These changes allow the Bank to reach a new level of development, improve customer loyalty by the highest standards of service and modern technological support, clarity and transparency of the wide range of services.
The key goal of the project - the formation of perception of " RUSSIA "as a universal bank with a wide range of intuitive technological services in a modern shell. At the same time it was important to keep the reputation of a reliable partner with the highest level of service, flexible approach and a prudent fiscal policy.
Specialists of Brandson adjusted platform and values of the brand, and developed a new corporate identity. Insight was the use of colors of the Russian tricolor cast in modern interpretation.

The implementation of a single strategy has to form the reputation of a universal financial institution, which is convenient to work with both individuals and legal entities.
Corporate identity
The prototype of the logo was the symbolic image of the globe, symbolizing the scale and importance of the Bank's activities. Letter "P", which is easily created in a sign, in common with the first letter of its name and serves as a constant of his style.

Bank's corporate colors are red, blue, gray (silver) and white. When promoting the image of the bank as a whole, as well as corporate and retail direction, these colors are combined in different ways. For example, for the retail direction in the gradient dominates red and corporate - blue. Branding communications enriched brand pattern is assumed to be the use of blue and red, emphasizing the balance of retail and corporate orientations and large white filling, preserves the color balance.
unterior design
When work on the project had been considered and properly distribute the streams of visitors, has created a unified intuitive navigation system and introduced innovative technological solutions that automate a significant part of standard banking transactions.
Within the range of works on re-branding was created a single standard ATM design in a new corporate style.
Updated corporate identity has been implemented in the development of an advertising campaign of the bank. The tasks included Brandson development ideas and concepts of advertising campaigns, the organization of a series of photo opportunities and design materials. The face of the advertising campaign became the star of St. Petersburg "Channel Five".
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Screensaver designed taking into account the updated style of the brand, it is one of the significant elements of the introduction of the brand into the internal environment.
In a brandbook – brand guide – were fixed all solutions, created for the project.
Annual report highlights the extent of the Bank's business and its mission, reflects the current state of affairs and the development strategy of the organization. To report a photo session was held, which was attended by officials from various branches of the Bank.
The basis of design of the annual report - individualized for this development, but clearly distinguishable corporate identity of the bank.
For Corporate calendar Bank "Russia" was chosen historical theme. On twelve pages shows the evolution of the Russian currency. Calendar made simple monochrome style illustrations for simulating folios XIX century. Loose-leaf connected axis-clip, which allows them to rotate; on the same axis is fixed an arrow indicating the date. Font was selected in accordance with the theme - elegant and rather artsy.
Especially for the International Women's Day has developed a set of souvenirs and gift concept. Various facets of the updated brand revealed not only in packaging but also in the very concept of a gift: the bank's corporate colors (blue, red and white) are played through a variety of exotic tea (again, blue, red and white), proposed by them.
Rebranding and new interpretation of the positioning of "AB" RUSSIA "contributed to raising the level of interest in the products of the bank, made him the image of a friendly and transparent, attracted new customers. This, in turn, led to the streamlining of the system of interaction between the branches and divisions of the bank: the influx of new customers has a positive effect on the logic of business processes.

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