Motorola Solutions
Manufacturer of communication facilities

Every company should not only think about how the consumers perceive it but also about the attitude of the company's employees to what is happening within the organization, to what extent they share its objectives and values. Specialists of Brandson agency charged themselves with the task of introducing new values of Motorola Solutions brand.

In 2010, Motorola globally divided its assets and formed two new organizations: Motorola Mobility company producing mobile phones and Motorola Solutions specializing in telecommunication products and services intended for the enterprises ensuring safe life of the society: EMERCOM, fire brigades, ambulance, police. The key for these services is to get an alarm signal on time, because the untimely receiving of the signal may lead to critical consequences.

The new company, naturally, had to think about a new brand platform. Its mission started sounding like this: we help people to live up to the critical moments of life. The mission acquired its graphical attributes. The first one is the so-called timestamp - time on the electronic clock indicating when the event occurred; and the second one are the photos of the instants when rescue services help people. The mission acquired a promise: Motorola equipment is so reliable that it does not fail in the most difficult and critical moment, and allows professionals to do their job saving people's lives.

In view of these changes, specialists of Brandson branding agency developed and implemented the design concept of an office space of the Russian branches of Motorola Solutions in Russia. Renovation of the flagship offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg proceeded very rapidly; over 6,500 m2 of the office space of Motorola Solutions were transformed by the agency into a new branding work area during one off day. The employees of Motorola left one office on Friday night and on Monday morning came to quite a different office. Some of them even thought that they came to the wrong floor.

On the same day, a teleconference was organized between the offices of the company including foreign ones, where the employees received the information about the new values of the company and in turn, shared their impressions with their colleagues.

Project team:

Project managerEkaterina Korsunova

Art DirectorTimur Salikhov

CopywritingAleksey Rumyantsev

DesignVladimir Il’yashenko, Vladimir Trusov, Roman Mavrin

ProductionNadezhda Mikhel, Svetlana Veselova

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