GAZPROM sport sposorship



Developing and providing materials for the placement of advertising communications brand gas stations Gazpromneft, G-Drive and G-Energy within sports sponsorship contracts with leading Russian sports clubs


Aim of the project

Attracting new and retaining loyal customers retail brands Gazpromneft gas station network, G-Drive fuel and motor oil G-Energy through notable communication on sports fields.


Implementation of works:

Rollers for the electronic media and LED panels (sides) of the best sports arenas of the Russian Federation.





Layout: adaptation and imposition layouts in the press and on billboards.


Project team:

Project leaderMaya Arytinyan

Project managersEkaterina Smirnova, Arina Chernova, Vasylisa Kovzel

Art directorKonstantine Ishmyhamedov

DesignVladimir Ilyshenko, Bajena Frolova

TechDesignSergey Ivanov

VideoDesignNatalia Shmarova, Sergey Ivanov

WebBrandingIlya Lazarev

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