Intercomp is an international company founded in 1994 in Houston. By this day company operates as well acclaimed leader in filed of outsourcing of non-profiled business-processes providing services for payroll, HR administration and accounting for organizations of various sizes in Russia and CIS countries.

Intercomp serves over 650 international and regional companies and provides payroll for more than 70 000 employees of client companies on a monthly basis. Every fifth company on the list of Fortune Gobal 500 - client Intercomp.

The chalpoange for the rebranding was caused by the fact that the company strives to make next, logical step in its evolution. The tasks that faced INTERCOMP:

  • To become foothold in the minds of consumers as a company - the founder of the practice of financial and human resources outsourcing in Russia and the CIS;
  • To form a stable company image that sets the vector of development and sets the standard in the industry.
  • To develop and adapt this trend into the market;


  • Low level of brand awareness
  • Lack of brand character
  • No emotional connection between employees and the company brand
  • Disparate brand communications and lack of formulated brand character.

The main objective for Brandson agency was brand strategy correction and verbal & visual attributes development (name, descriptor, brandline, logotype, corporate identity)

"Working with Intercomp, we have sought to explicate a holistic brand image update our company's strategy, its key benefits - the highest competence and individual approach to each client. In our opinion, the uniqueness of Intercomp as the leading form of three key kachevtva: precision, reliability and professionalism.Together they add up to the image of technological leadership, devoid of a hint of a "serial" and "pipelining". This vision of the company and served as the basis for the new corporate identity, which we have developed for intercomp. The new brand attributes encrypted accuracy, versatility and multifunctionality inherent activity Intercomp".

Intercomp company is an innovative leader that created direction of accounting outsourcing and remains quality and technological leader on the market. Companies specialists identify and solve various problems on both tactical and strategic levels providing wide specter of additional services to find the best soluiton for the client.

By optimizing business processes Intercomp increase business efficiency and develop management culture. The main aim of the company is a consistent development that is supported by relevant positioning of Intercomp on contemporary market of business outsourcing.

Intercomp is ready to adapt for the client needs, identify and solve his problems

Brand Intercomp - is confidence in the professionalism and quality, getting rid of the routine, trusting relationship. The company occupies a leading position reasonably. With this attitude we decided to address the message to the target audience, making it the basis of a communication strategy.

We use the following methods: пpresentation of the company is carried out not directly but through reputable brokers. In our view, it is recommended - acquaintances, friends, respected business figures - is the best way to progress. Real reviews about cooperation, demonstration cases of joint projects will help to reflect all the strengths, underline the company's leadership in the industry, to explain the innovative approach and loudly declare itself on the market.

"The company, which acts as a kind of" stalker "business must always be one step ahead. In our view, its mission - to be a professional in the world of professionals. However, Intercomp - is the brand leader with already established an excellent reputation and the need to make any changes with caution. During the re-branding we had to not only strengthen the company's leadership ambitions, but also to preserve the continuity of style. We found an elegant solution to this problem: maintaining a visual outline of the sign, we offered him a new interpretation. Sharp pencil embodies the idea of accuracy, professionalism, reliability and ambition - all the qualities that are the hallmark of the company. "

As a result of rebranding is a serious transformation of the attributes of the brand. We developed new standards for registration of all business documents and carried the adaptation of corporate identity for interior solutions.

The results of brand audit showed no need in renaming – just its small reduction (from Intercomp Global Services to Intercomp. The lack of additional verbal elements represented moving towards uniformity of identity. New name emphasizes companies international status.

Descriptor has two versions (in Russian and English). It is designed in order to describe the area of companies operation in most accurate way. Company Intercomp - is a professional outsourcing accounting functions, ready to adapt to the customer, to identify and solve its problems.

Brandline also has 2 versions (Russian and English) and is aimed to dorm a right emotional brand awareness. Intercomp is both complex business optimizer and professional longterms partner.

The new company logo is a tri-color graphic sign, reminiscent of both the pen tip and the top of the cone. The sign has the following meaning: we do our work so precisely that it can be compared with the tip of a pencil. The company is always relevant - on the edge.

Efficiency and ambition

The top of the cone and show leadership and ambition and desire to be Navid be legislator industry.


Resistance figure mark indicates informed decisions and considerable experience of the company, as well as its great reputation.


Sharpened pencil emphasizes thoughtful, competent approach to work.

Corporate identity is based on the idea of the logo and its derivatives. The sign was continued in the pictures, which further strengthen the new image in the eyes of partners, customers and employees.

Also dynamic stylistic elements of transfer messages that support brand character (reliable, ambitious, efficient, professional, advancing).

Current corporate identity has the ability to transform. Thus, the invisible part of the sign (itself a pencil whose tip is one of the originals of the logo) is converted into graphic images that support the overall concept.

Such system gives wide variety of opportunities for effective communication

Another challenge rebranding project was integration of the corporate identity into the office interiors. Visual images and corporate colors create atmosphere that transfer brand values. Design of the ecospace is an additional method of brand communications.

"Rebranding symbolizes transition to a qualitatively new level of service and is intended to promote the new products that meets phase increase market transparency and the search for efficiency measures both in the commercial sector and budgetary organizations. Recently, we have opened several new lines of business - Common Service Centres, ELC (Employee Life Cycle), providing services for the public sector. I'm sure a clear positioning of the company, corresponding to modern requirements of the market to a provider of outsourcing services, will benefit the development of new solutions."

Project team:

Project leaderHelena Root

Strategy & analyticsPavel Koval, Elena Yufereva, Gregory Khrabrov, Olga Baranova

Project Manager Marina Alieva

CopywritingIlya Bakylev

Design Jamal Akbar, Nikolai Shigaev Nikita Fedorov, Vladimir Ilyashenko, Constantine Abashev.

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