«Vyborzhets», an agroholding

The agroholding «Vyborzhets» is a leader in the segment of hothouse products, which produce the significant volumes of high-quality products every day.
For the specialists of Brandson there was formulated a task to renew the platform of the brand and create the new image of company, revealing the mission of «Vyborzhets». We conducted the widescale work connected to segmentation and evaluation of market and developed the strategy that precisely defined the character and scale of brand.


We decided that technological and responsible but still conservative company needs simple human emotions. It’s necessary to show costumers that production of company is made not by machines, but by people, that care about what they create

The logo has been made ecological and natural way. The new image became as fresh and contemporary as the agroholding is.


Fresh fruits is the formula of success for this producer. If you’re able to grow pure and tasty product you succeeded in your business.
Brandline exactly reflects the strategy of the brand, set consumer to positive, cheerful spirit. Such brandline suits good and kind producer that care about traditions and produce fresh product with unique taste and quality.


The firm style tell the story about high-quality products that may be considered as the national pride by right.

««Vyborzhets» creates the pleasant image – the freshest, natural and useful ones from all products that can be bought. It's the direct synonym for high quality of agriproducts in Russia.

The main idea of firm style is native, quality products such as from beloved country house. Warm, household colors and fresh, ecological palette gives the filling of happiness and remind of the real taste of vegetables.

We developed the firm signboard for greenhouses and firm buildings of agroholding.


The detailed brandbook will help the co-workers of «Vyborzhets» to tell consumers what the great product it is, hidden inside of firm pack.



—I am used to buy «Vyborzhets» products constantly. The good quality that always deserved more attractive appearance. Now everything is right. Both vegetables and brand is thriving.

Director of project: Elena Arkadieva

Project team:

project leaderHelen Root

project managerMarina Alieva

strategy & analyticsElena Yufereva, Helena Root, Vladimir Pivovarov

art-directorTimur Salykhov

copywritingALexey Rumiantsev, Ilya Bakylev

designVladimir Ilyashenko, Denis Razoomov, Nikita Federov

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