Branding of restaurant for the brand of vodka «Belaya Berezka»

There was a task for the work team to develop the branding concept of vodka «Belaya Berezka» in the HoReCa segment. 

The work team suggested the interactive branding concept that can be easily set into any interior. The main element of this concept is the interactive mirror that reacts on guests passing by and playing interactive scenario involving the costumers into the contact with a brand.

Interactive mirrors look usual from the first sight but if one comes closer to them at arm’s length, the mirror comes to life thanks to built-in motion sensor. One can see the promotional video - the outlines of birche-trees and falling snow accompanied with the sound.


The elements of bar counter are decorated with dismountable constructions, made in the shape of bottles with the Belaya Berezka logo, and light panels with the identity pattern.


The ceiling is decorated with suspended constructions made out of Belaya Berezka glasses and the main wall behind the bar counter had a brand logo projection which looks quite fabulous in the night party time. 

Project team:

Директор проектаМайя Арутюнян

Менеджер проектаАрина Чернова

Арт-директорКонстантин Ишмухамедов

ДизайнЮля Алексеева, Нина Куделина

ТехдизайнСергей Иванов

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