The integrated advertising campaign «The business of true masters» for international hypermarkets «Globus»

The case

«Globus» is the international hypermarket chain, which has representatives in Germany, the Czech Republic and Russia. The first hypermarket has been opened in Russia, in Shchelkovo, in 2006 and nowadays the total number of hypermarkets «Globus» in the country is 11.

The distinguished feature of all hypermarkets, working under «Globus» brand is its own production capacities. The idea of own complex production within the walls of a hypermarket is the new and unique for the Russian market. Unlike other retailers «Globus» production is based on the model of full-cycle - from receipt of raw materials to final products production. Butchery, Fish stall, Bakery, Culinary shop and Restaurant, equipped with the high-tech German facilities, are in each of all hypermarkets.



Extra attention is made towards freshness of products and technically verified processes that let produce magnificent by the taste semi-finished goods, delicatessens and ready-to-eat products day by day and sell it out during the day without any residual stocks.

Another advantage of the «Globus» is its own restaurant in every hypermarket with the big range of products by pretty good prices.



To develop the creative concept for the advertising campaign, which will be adapted for external and internal media: billboards, the panels for facades and for selling spaces inside of the hypermarkets, the TV and Indoor-clips as well. The advantages connected to availability of the own productions in each of hypermarkets «Globus» had to become the keynote of all advertising campaign.


Business-model of «Globus» excludes need for long-term storage of products on the shelfs: goods are produced only within the scope of the daily implementation in the own departments. As a result, the exclusive freshness and naturalness of products and therefore maximally «lively» taste are ensured to the consumer. That distinguishes the homemade products from the row of long-term storing semi-finished goods that are sold in stores of competitors.

The idea

The advertising campaign for «Globus» gives the unique opportunity to get behind the scenes to see closer how the masterpieces of cookery come up.

The tagline and the visual embodiment of concept

The advertising campaign for external and internal media


Key-visual is the hands of masters, presenting the product and disclosing a metaphor of «high craft». Into the photoshoot for the advertising campaign have been involved the food-photographer and the food-stylist, having created the compositional solutions for advertising photos based on the concept.


The advertising campaign

The advertising campaign has been divided into several flights discovering the advantages of each «Globus» productions.





TV and indoor-clips

Based on scenario developed by Brandson team storyboards for two series of the clips were created– TV and indoor (for demonstration in a selling space).

The clips maintain the idea, laid into prints for the outdoor and indoor ad.  

The scenario almost completely consists of close-ups of virtuous work of Masters’ hands that carve meat, salt fish and knead the dough for bread.

Project team:

Project LeaderEkaterina Korsunova

Project managersIlona Kelka, Ksenia Osipenko

Strategy, copywritingGrigory Khrabrov

MarketingAlexander Bogdanov

Art directorKonstantin Ishmukhamedov

DesignVladimir Ilyashenko

PhotographyYaroslav Frolov

Food-stylistMaksim Perepelitsyn

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