KELIA. Business club



To develop the brand of premium private business clubs chain where one may not only work but also set appointments, take a dinner or rest from the tiresome road and as well get the additional services, which will help with managing a business. The project is unique in its kind for the Russian market being the first one of such a level and with this range of options. Nevertheless the results of Brand audit, conducted by Brandson’s specialists, confirmed the potential and future demand for this kind of project.


KELIA is not only a business club but also a place where people come to get inspiration and spend some time within «their circle», in the atmosphere of private club, to find time for themselves and their self-development, open a new «page» of their self-education, stay alone with their thoughts, plunge into the atmosphere of creating and necessary thinking. The club unites people with same social status but different interests: business people, politicians, artists, musicians, scientists – many of them may come not only for solitude but also for delivering their lectures and seminars. 





KELIA (from Greek «cella») is a kind of «cell» resembles Russian word «kelya» that means the dwelling for a monk, the separate room in a monastery. The first pilot project was launched in the old building where, according to historical note, used to be the monastic cells. It’s important to notice that this cell was occupied by two monks. One of them was a elder and the other one was a novitiate. The aim of monks is experiencing the world through the self-discover and as well sharing their knowledge with novitiates. So we can say that the club promote the exchange of knowledges and information between the members of the club. However, in order to give the word KELIA proper association with the club, removing the direct religious basis, we’ve made a decision to use the name only in English version, causing the association with the neologism. Also this word rhymes with the word «klub» (club), starting with the same letter in Russian.

KELIA.Business club

для англоязычной документации/коммуникации

KELIA. Деловой клуб
для русскоязычной.


The idea of sign

In the concept, we combined the idea of communication С+K (Club and KELIA) (K+K in Russian). Inside of the sign there is a metaphoric key intended for opening the door to something new, interesting and inspiring. This sign is clear to everyone and denote something special what is close to heart.


In the identity, except the symbols of the club – capital K and the key, we actively use drawn illustrations, done in the form of collages from flowers.

Documentation and printing products 




The multipage printing products




The creation of the printing products for the restaurant and wine bar

Within the framework of concept there has been developed the necessary set of attributes for the restaurant and wine bar of KELIA business club. 



The interior

The interior and navigation serves the idea of simplicity and style. The interior has color accents and golden elements, but it all looks stylish and pertinent. Quality ecological materials were chosen as accessories and elements of decoration for example the monolithic part of a tree trunk was chosen as a material for main working-table.


The website

The website operates well for both standard PC and mobile devices. There were several stages while working on the site, beginning with the prototyping of pages and finishing with the final product testing.

Project team:

Project LeaderMaya Arutyunyan

Project managerArina Chernova

Project assistantVasilisa Kovzel

Strategy and analyticsMaya Arutyunyan, Alexander Bogdanov, Grigory Hrabrov

Art directorKonstantin Ishmukhamedov

DesignKonstantin Ishmukhamedov, Natalia Skrobotova, Vadim Solovyov, Ivan Kusch

CopywritingGrigory Hrabrov

Interior designJulia Alekseeva

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