The residential area STEREOS

The contemporary youth is not only IPhone, a beard and light snobbery but also sharp requirements to the environment whether it is connected to the interior of the favorite bar or the stairwell design.

But every offspring has the parents… And more likely they have different kind of mind.  They hardly listen to neoclassical music, drive a fix and pull skinny jeans on. But certainly they would like buying a flat for their creative child or for themselves. Anyway, they are still young inside and have specific taste and life experience.

How to reconcile these two generation of consumers? STEREOS is the new residential area which Brandson branding agency have developed the positioning, the name and the proper identity for. It’ll seem to be friendly for both groups.

The residential area STEREOS is an actual territory for living there, created especially for people who praise freedom, respect European values and want to live among the soulmates. Skate-grounds, bike paths, sports accessories, wi-fi in the yard – these are not the whole list of project «filling». The base of the name is a Greek word STEREOS that means «firm, comprehensive and solid». Talking about «stereo» we imply a full range of the pleasures and joys of life awaiting its inhabitants.

The indentity of the area consists of triggers, addressed both to representatives of generation Y and grow-ups who caught the stilyagi’s time (hipsters in soviet Russia times).

Saturated colors, volumetric letters and the font referring to the «disco» epoch: all these things are familiar to hipsters. However, the parents of youth will feel something native in these nostalgic notes. The source of inspiration for the developer was the covers of vinyl records (the vinyl records on their own seemed to settle somewhere in the collections of Brandson’s team) and posters in the style of pin-up, captured the drive of 50-ies in the colorful palette and the modern word «vintage».

We intentionally refused from symmetrical solutions in the graphic. Optical illusion serves as a basic element of the style, allusion to stereo sound and stereo image. The slogan «Live Stereo!» means that you’ll get more than you expect and will be given an opportunity to have a choice. In this area it’s possible not only spending interesting time but also living for all it’s worth. 





Project team:

Head of the projectViktoria Brendel

Project managerSimona Mulkova

Strategy and analyticsGregory Hrabrov, Pavel Koval, Elena Yufereva

CopywritingIlya Bakulev, Alexey Kazantsev

DesignGrebeshkova Julia, Konstantin Ishmukhamedov, Vladimir Ilyashenko, Natalia Skrobotova, Julia Alekseeva, Igor Denisov, Bazhena Frolova

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