SPB Renovation, construction company

«SPb Renovation» company was set up for the implementation of one of the most important and large-scale projects in the history of residential construction in St. Petersburg - development of built-up areas. The renovation programme implemented by the Company is unprecedented for Russia: it will ensure town planning on over 900 hectares of areas included into the programme by the state including construction of new comfortable housing, integrated reconstruction and system development of engineering and social welfare infrastructure.

«SPb Renovation» is a development company which will transform 22 blocks in 9 districts of St.Petersburg and will create essentially new housing for a bright, comfortable life. Under the programme, 1,200 houses will be built, and today's residents of «Khrushchev’s era» houses will move into new, comfortable and modern apartments. Volume of the housing built will account for 10% of the existing housing stock in the city. The extent of «SPb Renovation» Company shows up not so much in the number of metres built as in their quality; partners of the Company are the leading European architectural firms, and the Company employs the best Russian experts in residential construction.

A comprehensive programme of town planning of areas in St. Petersburg built up by the houses of the first mass series is the most important and large-scale project in the history of residential construction in Russia.


Before starting the development stage we carried out a comprehensive investigation of the real estate market, target and contact groups, and the competitive environment. The market trends and the international experience were studied.

The method of quantitative research (quoted poll, questionnaire) was applied to identify the attitude of St.Petersburg citizens to the project, general awareness of the renovation programme and suggestions for future housing. Qualitative research on the brand evolution technology comprised a block on the collection and analysis of statistical data as well as a series of expert interviews with ideologists of the project, analysts, market experts and partners of the project. In the course of the investigation, the tasks of forming a portrait of the target audience were resolved; this is a wide range of consumers represented by different social groups with their consumption motives and needs. On the basis of the analytical stage, the brand platform and brand strategy of leadership for the product were formed. The character of the brand, innovative, bright, dynamic European and, at the same time, of St. Petersburg, should become clear to everyone and should be equally positively perceived by all target groups.

Brand development

Brand of «SPb Renovation» Company is very bright, large-scale and unusual. This is a good brand for a construction company with a mission to fundamentally change not only the appearance of the city, but also the lives of many thousands of people. Three hundred years ago, when the construction of the city just started, houses were painted in bright colours «in the European manner». Visual language of the brand is adopting and developing this «historic» course making life more colourful.


The main graphic element of corporate style is the logo. Creating it, we tried to use a simple language clear to everyone, to find a simple and memorable form. The form that would at maximum reflect our idea, symbolize the renewed residential block. The logo of «SPb Renovation» is the area block as if we were looking at it from above. The best colour to reflect the newness and transformation is natural green colour of spring grass. This is the formula of the visual embodiment of the idea.

Brand descriptor reflects the activity sphere of the company holding the brand and shows that due to the company’s activity the urban residential blocks will be transformed.

Division of districts by colours allows creating individual advertising materials for each district.

A set of silhouettes of the most recognizable sightseeing attractions of St. Petersburg on the company’s plate imparts to the corporate style of «SPb Renovation» a clear and unambiguous association with the city.

Promotional materials

Elements of corporate style allow creating bright souvenir materials.
A gift photo frame, a calendar and a memo pad
are created in the form of «SPb Renovation» logo.




Project team:

Project managerViktoria Gorobets

Analytics and strategyElena Yufereva, Tatiana Agayan

Art DirectorTimur Salikhov

CopywritingAleksey Rumyantsev

DesignVladimir Trusov, Roman Mavrin, Vladimir Il’yashenko, Denis Razumov

ProgrammingAndrey Bublikov

ProductionNadezhda Mikhel, Svetlana Veselova

AssistantsEkaterina Gabdeeva, Maksim Dimura, Aleksandr Vasiliev

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