The development of the interior design for the Wikimart sales outlets


Wikimart is the one of the fast developing internet-retail marketplaces in Europe. The goods, offered by company, are kind of extract from the broad range of 2 000 000 items that are represented in general by all the stores. Wikimart is the place where the purchases can be done easily fast and with pleasure. That is as convenient, familiar and interesting as a visit to your favorite shopping center. 


There is the simple, understandable and fast service here to search and purchase goods in the online shop when the selection process turns into the real game. That is why the key slogan of the cybermarket sounds like «Buy playfully». Within the framework of the interior renovation project, Wikimart contacted Brandson Branding Agency with the task to develop the interior design for the sales outlets in the two formats: shop-storage with an area of 250 m2 and the pick-up point with an area of 40 m2.


In order to embrace both new and conservative audience, Wikimart has made a decision to launch offline outlets where the buyers will be able to order goods with the help of consultants and take them away by themselves. Therefore, the main goal of the project was to bring the company to the new level from the online to offline.  


To regulate the customer streams, accelerate the selection process and optimize client service the whole marketplace has been dissected. It was divided into the product selection zone, the cashbox for payment, the pick-up point, the fitting rooms, the service zone (with consultants), the financial consulting, the wrapping, the children’s zone, the café zone and the relax zone with the video-wall for commercials. 


Color solutions

According to client’s wishes, agency specialists tried to implement the main values and brand essence («easily, fast and playfully») into the interior. The outlets turned to be open, concise, cheerful and energetic at the same time. The interiors in the light palette with minimal amount of details create friendly open spaces. The wooden classical elements with the bright colorful accents gave the offices the unique identity.

The mobile stands, consisting of modular partitions, became the distinguished feature of the project. These stands can be easily modified for different interiors of the sales outlets.




Project team:

Executive directorElena Root

Project managersDaria Mihailova

Art-directorKonstantin Ishmukhamedov

InteriorJulia Alekseeva

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