The team of Brandson branding agency is a friendly community of professionals, bright and unique personalities, each of them making a huge contribution to the common cause.





Working group

The working group on each project on branding comprises: project manager, art director, marketing specialist, copywriter and designers. We offer tailored solutions; therefore, for each project the working group is formed individually. Depending on the specific problem, the group can comprise professionals from related areas: a programmer, a media planner, an architect, an interior designer, a landscape architect, a fashion artist, etc.


Elena Yufereva, Chief Executive Officer

1. Saint-Petersburg State University, School of Journalism & Mass Communications.
2. INHOLLAND Univercity (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Bachelor of Marketing.
3. Mini MBA "Strategic management of company innovations"
Member of CES journalists assosiation, Las-Vegas. Author of various articles on branding theoretical and practical issues, seminars and training events. Member of Russian Branding Agencies Assosiation.


Gregory Khrabrov, Branding-Strategy Specialist

1. Saint-Petersburg State University, Philological Faculty.
2. St. Petersburg State University, Master's in "Corporate Communications"
Over 10 years of corporate communications experience. Author of various articles in russian federal press.


Bogdanov Alexander - Head of Marketing Department

1. Saint-Petersburg State Univercity, High School of Management
2. Universität St.Gallen, Executive School of  Managment, Master-Incomings Graduate specialist in strategic marketing.
Over 8 years of professional experience in  marketing research, marketing management  and communiacations. Took part of various brand building and promotion projects on B2B, B2C and B2G levels. High expert in B2B marketing research.


Elena Root (Arkadieva) - Executive Director

International Institute of Business Education (MIBO), Faculty of Journalism.Graduate in branding, PR and marketing.
Experience in managing complex projects on branding in the field of development, insurance, consulting, retail and industry. Experience in high-level talks, planning and control of marketing activities, participation in specialized events.
Implemented more than 90 successful projects in the areas of B2B, B2G and B2C, many of which became winners of Russian and international festivals. Elena performs regularly at various specialized events in the sections devoted to branding areas, development and retail.

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